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Dreis's PIMP MY AIRSOFTER v2.1 english

Created by Miguel Ángel Ayuso (AKA Mike Dreis) and uploaded to the Flash portal Newgrounds in 2010, this was the beginning of what we today know as Operator Editor. This early version consisted only of some drawn drag and drop items.

The idea was simple. Inspired in flash dress up games, the application was thought to be used as an equipment editor for airsoft players. The user should be able to visually set up his configuration before the game, in order to decide wich kit configuration works best in a fast and easy way. Also, was thought to be used between airsofters to share their configurations in forums and social media.

Still found in Newgrounds with an overall mark of 3 out of 5 stars, the app holds more than 70.000 views.

Mike Dreis's OPERATOR EDITOR v8.0 spanish

Created around 2013 by Miguel Ángel Ayuso with Noelia Pérez Martín, who joined the team to master the app's programming, which contribution has been vital to make Operator Editor what it is today.

With the addition of backgrounds in this version, it made possible to test how the selected uniform and equipment configuration blends in with the different surroundings, giving the user an approximate view on its camouflage level. Also, the UI and the graphics were improven, allowing the app to hold more content. So much potential was then discovered. Hosted in www.operatoreditor.com in 2014, the app begun its path through forums and social media, with around 2000 Facebook followers.

Mike Dreis's OPERATOR EDITOR v9.0 english

Created between 2015 and 2016, and demanded by many users, the v9.0 came finally in english, around summer 2016.

Operator Editor has evolved from a simple application for airsofters, to an application also for proffesionals. With more than 1400 items and a wide variety of tactical equipment, the new app can be useful for both law enforcement and military personnel. Including new features, interactive examples and information of almost every item, the app can be also used as an "equipment-pedia".